Go Native running the London Marathon

So it’s the time of year again for all those runner types to run the London Marathon and don’t we know it! Every single one of our Serviced Apartments is full! Guy Nixon our CEO has been training hard over the past six months getting him self ready to be the only Native running the London Marathon (hint to team…). Guy is running to support his chosen charity the Shooting Star Children’s Hospice  and has managed to raise more than £5000!  We’ve set him a little task to count up the number of serviced apartments that he passes on his gruelling long distance slog and we’ll make sure we show our support by cheering him on the sidelines.  Passing some of London’s most popular area’s and landmarks including Greenwich, Canary Wharf, The City and The Embankment and of course Big Ben  he’ll be brushing up his navigating skills in London.

World Travel in Chaos – Millions are stranded!

With the eruption of Iceland’s volcano on 14th April 2010 it has been a nightmare week for travellers. The eruption caused enough volcanic ash to spew into the jet stream that airline flights were cancelled all over Europe.  Initially it was thought that the volcano might only disrupt air travel for a day or two but this turned out to be wildly optimistic, as travellers have been stranded at airports or in cities for days.

Icelands Volcano - Eyjafjallajökull

The star on the map shows the location of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier which covers an active volcano that erupted on 20 March and 14 April of 2010.

The Situation

Due to Iceland’s volcano it’s been a pretty grim week for travellers trying to get into, out of, or through Europe.  Millions are stranded, resources are stretched to the maximum and the travel industry is under huge pressure to cope with the situation.

“Key transport providers have laid on extra services: both East Coast and Virgin Trains are running extra rail services between London and Scotland while Eurostar, Eurotunnel, cross-channel ferry operators and international coach operators are all also carrying many more passengers than usual.”

Impact on Business


Demand has increased for accommodation by stranded passengers unable to fly home.  This has caused a mixed response by accommodation providers.   For instance, some hotel companies have decided to cash in on the situation and in some cases double the cost of a room.  Others are maintaining their standard rates.

Go Native’s Head of Property Management, Samantha McKnight, says “we have seen an increase in the volume of enquiries particularly from Business Travellers trapped in the Capital unable to get flights home.  Hotels have either increased their prices or become full so business travellers have turned to alternative options”.

The impact on business so far has been huge–costing airlines millions or hundreds of millions of dollars per day and potentially causing an even bigger impact on businesses unable to move people or resources as needed. Of course, travel disruptions like this have an immediate impact on any business traveller affected. Travellers affected should make sure to know their passenger rights if they’re stuck in Europe.

Alternative Transportation Providers
Business that move people and freight by sea and land rather than by air are doing very well out of situation with a massive surge in bookings – cross channel ferries such as SeaFrance and P&O, high-speed train operator Eurostar, plus car-shuttle operator Eurotunnel.

P&O took a record 6,000 foot passengers across the Channel on Friday compared to the 100 to 200 it would expect at this time of year. Eurostar services are heavily booked, with 50,000 more passengers than normal since the airspace closures on Thursday. The company says travellers must book in advance rather than just turning up.

Europe’s largest coach operator, Eurolines has limited availability to and from the 500 European destinations across its vast network, and has put 100 extra coaches into service to and from the UK. It plans to add thousands more extra seats over the next two days. So far extra services have only been added to its key routes, between London and Dublin, Paris and Amsterdam. Deutsche Bahn has also reported a surge in bookings as travellers scramble for air alternatives.

The Advice
The National Airspace Traffic Service (NATS) has advised that based on the latest Met Office information, part of Scottish airspace including Aberdeen, Inverness and Edinburgh airports will continue to be available from 1300-1900 today, and also south to Newcastle Airport. Restrictions will remain in place over the rest of UK airspace below 20,000ft.

Overnight the CAA, in line with new guidance from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) decided flights above the ash cloud will be permitted in the UK between 1300 and 1900 to enable aircraft movements above 20,000ft in UK airspace. See the NATS website for updates.

They have warned that the “volcanic eruption in Iceland remains dynamic,” and so travellers planning on flying in to or out of a UK airport should check the latest advice from their carrier before departing for an airport.

Travellers in Europe are advised that additional ferry places have been made available, and that they should make their way to Calais or another northern European port.  Eurostar, Eurotunnel, cross-channel ferry operators and international coach operators are carrying many more passengers than usual.

The Government is also looking at the possibility of creating a hub for repatriation to the UK via Spain. We will announce more information on this as soon as possible.

Can Go Native Help?
If you need to find suitable accommodation for you or your employees during this difficult period, Go Native has a wide range of options available across the UK, EMEA and India and we would be very happy to help.

Get in touch on 0845 601 2028 or email enquiries@gonative.com

Share your Story

If you have been affected by the eruption and would like to share your story please feel free to do so.


Hi all, Shaun Prime again.  I’m excited to have the pleasure of introducing:

JOE NATIVE, our Virtual Chief Innovation Officer. Joe has been with Go Native for a number of years now, and has recently been into the Design team, at our London office, to receive a makeover! Airbrushed to within a pixel of his life and into a fine new suit, he has chosen the new colour of Orange to pave the way into the world of on-line and virtual innovation! Anyway, without further a do – Meet Joe!

Hi everyone and thank you Shaun for the nice introduction!  Well, as for the new suit, I think you chose the colour really.  I must admit though, I’m feeling quite Fresh, and Contemporary after the last 12 years in my blue ensemble. But, after a little bit of getting used to, I’m loving the new colour! So much so, I’ve re-branded the whole website!

So, I’m Joe Native.  I’ve been working here since the beginning with Guy Nixon our CEO.  You’ll have noticed me around quite a bit as I’m the face and brand of Go Native.  With my recent promotion (I’m quite pleased!) I’m now fully in charge of our virtual world.  As you can see I’ve been busy getting us up to date and implementing our new website where phase one has just been completed.  I also help out the marketing team by modelling in our corporate literature and helping guide people through our world with my handy graphical poses! You’ll notice me in most places!

I’ll be blogging regularly and keeping you updated on what’s happening in our on-line world, and dipping out occasionally to help out with our marketing.  I’m a keen tweeter, so keep up with me, and the world of Go Native and serviced apartments by following me on twitter.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for our website or anything to do with our on-line world you can e-mail me at joe.native@gonative.com

I’m going to leave you to it, as I’ve just noticed a little bug that needs fixing, the life of a perfectionist is a tiring one! On a final note, look out for the changes over the next month or so as we work on making our website the best in the industry. I’ve been tasked with Phase Two which is all about the customer journey! – exciting and busy!

Joe ‘the bug fixer’ Native

Go Native are the leading supplier of award winning temporary housing solutions and Serviced Apartments.

We offer the most comprehensive range of Serviced Accommodation across the UK, EMEA & India, providing companies with an outsourced corporate housing management service and individual travellers with access to a comprehensive network of Serviced Apartments, all available on a flexible basis.

Welcome to Go Native and our first ever blog post!

I’m Shaun Prime, the COO of Go Native and I would like to welcome you to our blog. We’ve decided to start writing a blog for several reasons, We’d like to capture the day-to-day world of Go Native, what’s happening in our business and what our people are talking about. We’d also like to share our thoughts on the Serviced Apartment world and share with you our views on what’s happening currently and what we think the future will bring to our industry. We find we’re always coming across interesting ‘stuff’ that we want to share with others but most importantly we’d like to interact with our customers, followers and everybody else that has an interest in what we do. It’s our forum to interact with the on-line community.

The Go Native team are an energetic and lively bunch, and you can expect to hear from different people within our business who have their own specific views and ideas that they would like to write about. We’ll also invite guest bloggers that will include industry experts, clients and our network partners and we’re excited to hear other peoples views and find a virtual place that conversation, debate and open questions can be asked.

We’re going all out with the virtual world of communication, so you can also keep up with us and our latest offers by joining us on Twitter and Linked In.

If you have any topics that you’d like covered or any questions in general leave a reply to our posts and we’ll make sure that we include your topics as part of our blog.

You can look forward to me introducing out Virtual Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), Joe Native in our next post.

Welcome to Go Native!

Shaun Prime

Go Native are the leading supplier of award winning temporary housing solutions and Serviced Apartments.

We offer the most comprehensive range of Serviced Accommodation across the UK, EMEA & India, providing companies with an outsourced corporate housing management service and individual travellers with access to a comprehensive network of Serviced Apartments, all available on a flexible basis.