Some of the praise we received

Two of the Emails we received yesterday

The following are a selection of emails in response to our offer to Stranded passengers at Heathrow and St Pancras


I just saw your reps on the news regarding the rooms for the guys in the st pancreas queue.

We’ve been at heathrow for 2 days and had to canx our christmas holiday and your news story really hit me.

nice one to you and your team, truly inspirational!”


just seen what you have done on Tv with regard to the letting of your apartments for stranded people  – brilliant guys – there should be more people like you in this world !!

I really hope you all have a wonderful christmas and new year.

Take care”

Heathrow accommodation when stranded

London Accommodation when stranded

We have all heard over the past few days about the Heathrow runway problems in London. Accommodation when stranded passengers looked to stay in the local area were at heavily increased prices and the information given to customers was said to have been ineffective and poorly delivered, making the entire situation unpleasant with several families finding themselves unprepared for a Christmas at home.

Go Native’s CFO, Preston Benson, was featured on Sky News, saying that we would be doing all we could to help accommodate people who are stranded in Heathrow prompting several emails from people across the globe (including Hong Kong) who saw the broadcast and were appreciative of our gesture to help stranded passengers. Prices of serviced apartments do not generally heavily fluctuate due to the long term nature in which they can be occupied, and as they are generally cheaper than the equivalent hotel, they are a great option.

We have several serviced apartments available within a 40 minute train ride of Heathrow, meaning that  a quick transfer to and from the airport when necessary is possible whilst also staying in a comfortable and flexible accommodation option.

Serviced apartments are a great accommodation option when stranded either by trains or airports not functioning. This is because they offer a degree of flexibility that few other accommodation options can offer meaning that it is possible to work around unpredictable travel arrangements.

They also offer the space to house an entire family without dividing them, which is often the case in oversubscribed hotels or last minute deals. This gives people peace of mind when they need it most, when stranded in London and unsure whether or not they will be able to have a happy Christmas.

If accommodation in London may be of interest to you please Contact Us.

London Apartments Available to Book Now

Heathrow Airport News

For anyone stranded at Heathrow Airport,  Corporate Housing and Serviced Apartment provider Go Native, has hundreds of comfortable award winning apartments available to book now in Central London – thats just 40 minutes from Heathrow airport.

So, if you need somewhere to stay and can’t get booked into a hotel try a Go Native Apartment in London from £150 per night.

BOOK NOW ON 0845 601 2028 or email us at


Since, the snow started to hit Heathrow airport on Saturday thousands of flights have been cancelled and the chaos continues today with tens of thousands of holidaymakers stranded.

Airport officials are warning that it could take until next week before the backlog of cancelled flights are cleared and a normal service is resumed. One of the two runways is still closed.

Passengers have been advised not to travel to the airport unless their flight is confirmed.

Combining Business with Christmas

Christmas Shopping Accommodation

Go Native has a look at cities where business and Christmas shopping can be combined

The UK has some of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the world, which offer both business opportunities and quality Christmas shopping venues. This means that when visiting these locations it is ideal for combining the two in the run up to Christmas.

Go Native provides serviced apartments in each of theses cities, which are perfect for business trips and leisure trips alike.

1. London

London is the obvious city to start with its $565 Billion economy mixed with a plethora of shopping districts, markets and individual stores all of which provide a dearth of choice for Christmas presents whilst also providing access to the largest businesses in the UK. Some of the areas of the capital that are great for Christmas shopping include Oxford Street, Camden markets and Portobello road in Notting Hill all of which mean that finding that perfect present is easy.

Have a look at our serviced apartments in London.

2. Edinburgh

The UK’s second largest economy provides amazing retail options as well as many business opportunities with some of the UKs largest firms having headquarters or large offices in the city. Princes Street, Rose Street and George Street also offer some great shopping opportunities when looking for festive gifts. The castle and many regency style buildings also add to the festive atmosphere in the city, making it a great destination for shopping.

Have a look at our serviced apartments in Edinburgh.

3. Brighton

Brighton has become one of the UK’s boom towns in recent year, attracting creative industries and marketing companies to the seaside resort. This has meant that industries in the area have also expanded and seen many more business travellers staying in the city. Due to tourism being the historical mainstay of the Brighton economy, the area has developed several quirky shopping areas such as the lanes which offer great individual Christmas present options.

Have a look at our serviced apartments in Brighton

4. Bath

Bath is the UK’s number one winter destination with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the area each year to enjoy the history and beauty of the Roman city. As well as being a prime tourist destination the city also has thriving engineering, printing, bookbinding, wool-weaving, and clothing industries which draw businesspeople to the area each day. The city has some impressive traditional Christmas fairs and also a choice of boutique shopping which are great places to find a unique and exciting present for somebody.

Have a look at our serviced apartments in Bath

5. Cambridge

One of the key cities in the growth of electronics and software companies in the UK has been Cambridge due to the large numbers of highly skilled students in the area and also incentivised science parks which produce many of the important components for computers and many electronic devices. Cambridge itself is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, if not the world, with sandstone colleges and churches  combined with traditional Tudor houses amongst a medieval layout. This makes the perfect setting in which to do some traditional Christmas shopping amongst book carrying students and streets steeped in history.

Have a look at our serviced apartments in Cambridge

2 Beds are better than 1

2 Bedroom Serviced Apartments in London

Serviced apartments with multiple bedrooms are becoming more popular in London, Go Native explains why

Serviced Apartments in London are famed for their flexibility, affordability and comfort. As our London Serviced Apartment Report shows, the numbers of people being based in 2 bedroom serviced apartments in London is increasing. This has been explained by smaller corporate travel budgets increasing the trend in multiple occupants in Serviced Apartments.

However, 2 bedroom serviced apartments in London also have other benefits aside from simply monetary concerns.

Business travellers using 2 bedroom properties have the option of having company with them in their accommodation. This could consist of family or friends who are also based with them. One of the problems with business travel is that people are often based in cities which are alien to them, and that they are not familiar with, meaning that social interaction can become difficult outside of the workplace. Staying with a colleague or family is social and having a serviced apartment with multiple bedrooms means that not only can the property house multiple occupants but people also have their personal space.

They are also useful for people visiting London for a leisure trip. Bringing a family to the capital can often be difficult as when staying in a hotel there is either multiple beds in a single room, meaning that there is a lack of privacy, or families being separated into separate rooms, which causes concern for many parents. A serviced apartments gives the security of occupants being in a closed environment but also with the private space needed to make a holiday comfortable.

One of the issues with money when visiting the capital is that taking a family out to dinner at restaurants every night can be expensive. Having a serviced apartment means that the cost of meals can be considerably cheaper as the occupants have the chance to cook themselves.

Why not have a look at our range of 2 bedroom serviced apartments in London? If anything catches the eye please Contact Us to see if we can help.

New Years North of the Border

Edinburgh Accommodation over New Years

Go Native looks at why serviced apartments are becoming more popular in the Scottish Capital.

Edinburgh is now the UK’s second largest economy behind London, it is also one of the most popular leisure travel destinations in Britain with multiple attractions that draw people to the city. These include the castle, the waterfront and many of the beautiful and architecturally innovative streets. This has meant that accommodation in Edinburgh for both leisure travellers and business travellers has seen increased demand in the past few years.

There are peaks in the market during popular leisure travel periods such as the fringe festival and New Years Eve. So with accommodation in Edinburgh at a premium during these times, if people are looking to stay in the Scottish capital over New Years what accommodation options do people have?

Despite hotels making up the majority of the accommodation, serviced apartments in Edinburgh are becoming increasingly popular due to their consistent pricing and comparable luxuries. They also offer a flexibility and affordability that many other forms of accommodation simply cannot offer at this time.

So why are serviced apartments in Edinburgh so popular and how can their prices stay almost at a constant throughout the year?

One of the main benefits of serviced apartments are that they are designed to be useable on both a short term and long term basis, meaning that people who are staying for 3 months may not be willing to pay an increased nightly rate over times when accommodation prices traditionally peak.

Due to their ‘home away from home’ aim, serviced apartments also offer the same home comforts and flexibility that renting a normal apartment offers, but with the added bonus of having things like cleaning, fresh linen and clean towels delivered to the apartment.

With prices in Edinburgh starting from as little as £65 per night, the apartments are quickly being snapped up, so Contact Us to see what we have available and have a look at our Serviced Apartments in Edinburgh.

Tower Bridge, the Jewel of the Thames

Accommodation near Tower Bridge

Go Native has some comfortable and convenient apartments near the capital’s most famous bridge

Tower Bridge is the most famous bridge in London, being photographed by millions of people every year and appearing in almost all advertising about the capital. Go Native has accommodation near Tower Bridge which allow people to not only stay near to the famous landmark, but also to stay in luxury apartments in a convenient location.

Tower Bridge was originally finish in 1894, with its original colouring of chocolate brown paint, it has since been updated with a new colour of red, white and blue. This was to celebrate the Queens silver Jubilee year in 1977 and has stayed that colour until the modern day.

Staying in a serviced apartment near Tower Bridge is not just about the bridge itself however, as due to the location, it is perfectly situated between Southwark and the London financial district, making the area perfect for both leisure travellers and business travellers alike. The Tower of London is also nearby (from which the bridge’s name has been lent) and the South Bank is only moments away where many a peaceful walk to the many galleries, bars and restaurants along the bank of the Thames can take place.

Pepys Street is one of the apartment blocks that is available nearby, which gives not only a perfect position for both business and leisure trips, but is also a fantastic modern building that offers great transport links to the city and is also within a 10-15 minute walk of the HMS Belfast and Tate Modern.

Times Square is another example of the serviced apartments available in the area. This is one of Go Native’s newest properties, chosen based on its high quality finish, convenience of location and its wonderful central courtyard, with bridges to each apartment block over ornate sculptured ponds.

If either of these properties may be of interest please Contact Us to see how we can help.

North London, the capital’s new trend-centre

Serviced Apartments in North London

Go Native looks at Serviced Apartments in North London

North London has many of London’s most fashionable and cool districts such as Camden, Islington and Hampstead, which are becoming increasingly popular with young professionals and celebrities who bring a bohemian atmosphere to the area. What better way to enjoy this than with a Serviced Apartment in North London?

With the popularity of the area increasing, the demand for housing and accommodation has increased, pushing up prices for rent, buying and also short term stays. This has created a situation where serviced apartments in North London are ideal whether they are being used for a base from which to conduct business or as a short term accommodation solution for people who are looking to move into the area, but have not yet found a flat or house.

So what is it that is making North London more popular?

Hampstead Heath

The reach of the Northern line extends far further north than tube lines going south of the river. This means that when people are staying in areas which may be far flung away from central London, getting in to the centre is hassle free with the Northern line being one of the most efficient around London. It was even one of the few lines that remained operating during the tube strikes, showing the level of importance that it has when getting people around London.

Not only does it have excellent travel links, but many of the districts are also beautiful and have many cultural draws that have caused people to flock to the area for years. Camden markets offer some of the most alternative, strange and bizarre shopping anywhere in the world and Hampstead Heath is one of the most idyllic and beautiful places from which to view London.

Why not have a look at our serviced apartments in North London to see if anything may be of interest and may make a stay in the capital both affordable and flexible.

Ice Skating around London

Accommodation near Somerset house for skate breaks

London has to be one of the most atmospheric cities in the world for Christmas celebrations, with street lights along almost every street, performers all over the city and Christmas carols blasting out from churches and shops throughout the capital. However, one of the most festive events that happens in London over the holiday season is ice skating, which takes places on many rinks throughout the city.

Why not make a trip to London and take in the festive spirit by shopping in Oxford Street and marvelling at the lights around Trafalgar square before taking a romantically lit skate on one of the many rinks dotted around the capital? To cap all of this off, Go Native offers luxury accommodation near all of the main rinks that offer great accommodation options for anybody who is looking to cap a festive day spent in the capital with a comfortable night’s sleep.

Why not have a look at our Serviced Apartments near Somerset house? This is the most famous and long standing ice rink in the capital and ‘before ice skating at Somerset house’ has become the phrase synonymous with a perfect day spent in the capital during Christmas. Somerset house is also situated between the Strand and the Thames meaning that either way of approaching offers spectacular views and lighting.

One of the newer ice rinks which has been introduced this year is at the Westfield Centre. This offers not only the chance to ice skate in the capital, but also to shop in one of the most areas too whilst surrounded by exclusive areas such as Chelsea, Kensington and Notting Hill. Go Native has many apartments near the Westfield Centre, have a look to see if we can help find accommodation in any way.

If you are staying in the capital over Christmas why not have a look at our 10% off deal, making any Christmas trip affordable as well as magical.

Shopaholic? Try a serviced apartment near the Westfield Centre

Westfield Centre Accommodation for real Shopaholics

Go Native offers fantastic serviced apartments near the Westfield Shopping Centre

Oxford Street has traditionally been the major shopping area in London, where the majority of people will flock when looking to have some retail therapy. However, with the recent development of the Westfield Centre in Shepherds Bush, the monopoly held by the street may be waning. It offers 16 unique brands, an indoor ice rink, cinema, multiple restaurants, independent shops and high street giants. Enough to keep even the most prolific and fussy shoppers occupied.

With over 265 shops throughout the centre the chances of being able to fully explore the area in a day is slim. Luckily, Go Native has high quality Accommodation near the Westfield centre which is offered considerably cheaper than the equivalent hotel. One of the most important reasons that shoppers should look at Go Native serviced apartments is that on average they will be making a saving of £41 per night compared to a similar hotel (enough for a family trip to the cinema in the centre or a romantic meal at one of the many on-site restaurants).

As well as the apartments being cheap, they are also incredibly luxurious and many are set amongst some of the most beautiful areas of the capital. Due to the centre being based in West London, the areas surrounding it include Notting Hill, Chelsea and Kensington, all of which have beautiful classical architecture and wonderful open spaces and gated gardens.

At this time of year it is important to be close enough to the centre to not have to carry huge amounts of Christmas presents across London but also to be staying in a quiet and peaceful environment to offer an area of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre. Go Native apartments offer this in abundance and with comfortable beds and multiple creature comforts in every apartments to make every stay as comfortable as it is convenient.

For more information please Contact Us to see if we can make your shopping trip extra special.