Heading to London to see a play? Try a serviced apartment in the West End

Serviced Apartments in the West End

Go Native has several apartments in the West End of London

London is full of famous areas and buildings, which is one of the reasons that it has become one of the world’s top tourist destinations in the past few years. The area that almost every visitor to the capital tends to spend time is the West End. Accommodation here is at a premium and it contains some of the capitals most expensive hotels and other accommodation options. There are exclusive hotels such as the Ritz which is on the border of Green Park and within walk distance of places such as Oxford Street, Regent Street and Trafalgar Square.

Other hotels in the area are also considerably more expensive than other areas around London, so is it possible to stay in the West End, experiencing the multitude of cinemas, theatres, bars and restaurants without being forced to pay exuberant prices?

Serviced Apartments in the West End offer an alternative to the more expensive hotels for accommodation in addition to providing fully equipped kitchens which allow guests to also cook their own meals, thereby saving more money on food and drink whilst staying in the area.

Go Native serviced apartments also offer entertainment systems including televisions and freeview, meaning that people do not feel the compulsion to go out and spend money whilst staying in the capital. This can further save money.

The West End is also a fairly unpredictable place, with events often being found under the radar or secret bars and restaurants being found simply whilst exploring. Serviced apartments allow the flexibility needed to fully experience these often spontaneous happenings. As they are like a “home away from home” people can come and go as they please, with no reception, no signing in and out of keys and no curfews.

If a Serviced Apartment in the West End may be of interest please contact us to find out more.

Go Native offers cheaper alternatives to Hotels for the Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding London Accommodation

Go Native has several serviced apartments which are perfect for the Royal Wedding

London is gripped for the biggest event of 2011 and an event which has historically brought the international community together in the England’s capital. This is of course the upcoming Royal wedding. Accommodation in London is being booked up fast and flights into Gatwick, Heathrow and Stanstead are beginning to look harder and harder to come by for the April date.

With the capital having so many people descending on it for the event, it gives the perfect opportunity to test how suited the city is, prior to the Olympics in 2012, to provide enough accommodation. During the Royal wedding in London the likelihood of accommodation rates rising is high, meaning that many will be dissuaded from attending.

Serviced apartments however offer an alternative that makes both the accommodation and trip in general a cheaper alternative to hotel or B&B stays. Go Native has several Serviced Apartments in London that are available during the Royal wedding which are both cheap, practical and perfectly placed.

William IV for instance is within a 2 minute of the Mall, where the main procession of the wedding will take place. Not only this, but the top floor apartment also has a private roof terrace, meaning that people would not even have to leave the property to watch the procession.

Devonshire Street is also close by within a short tube ride or a 30 minute walk. They are also ideally located to see other areas of London with several tube stations servicing many of London’s main lines close by.

In addition to this, why not stay in some of the city’s swankiest areas whilst in the London? Serviced apartments in Fulham are available as well as Kensington. These are nestled amongst some of the most architecturally beautiful buildings in London.

Have a look at Go Native’s Serviced Apartments in London or Call Us to find out more.

Central London’s accommodation problems solved

Serviced Apartments in Central London

Serviced Apartments can solve the accommodation problems in central London

One of the most popular areas to stay, anywhere in the world is in central London, be it people staying for long weekends, week long holidays or on a more permanent basis whilst working. This has meant that property in the area is not just expensive, but is also increasingly difficult to acquire for hospitality and accommodation needs. The stock of serviced apartments in central London, however, has never been higher, and with more and more building work taking place in the area, increasing numbers of serviced apartments are becoming available all the time.

One of the draws of the area is that it gives fantastic opportunity to travel throughout London quickly as it contains many of the most important transport hubs in the capital which allow swift transport to anywhere in London. This means that business travellers can hold meetings anywhere in London and leisure travellers can quickly get to the many attractions in more outlying areas.

Some of the UK’s most important and famous buildings can be found in central London and this makes the area incredibly popular for people looking for holiday photos and something to show the family when they get home. Some of the buildings include the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament and Nelsons Column.

Serviced apartments offer the way forward in providing accommodation in the area compared to other accommodation types such as hotels and hostels. This is because in order to build a new hotel, for instance, there must be a large amount of space, a restaurant, bar etc. This is not the case in serviced apartments as they can be built individually, and so can be pu into buildings which would not have the vast space required to build a hotel.

They also offer a freedom of choice in terms of eating and entertainment that means that central London accommodation is not too expensive for people to use. Having a fully equipped kitchen and living room means that people can spend the day going to the many sites of interest around London and chill out watching a DVD in the evening, whilst eating cheaper food which they themselves have prepared.

Go Native has several serviced apartments in central London, contact us to book today.

With so many bank holidays in 2011, why not try a long weekend in a serviced apartment?

Bank Holidays 2011

This year millions of people will be cheering the news of 9 bank holidays, why not make the most of them in a serviced apartment?

2011 see’s the UK work force celebrating a bumper year for holidays. Due to the royal wedding the UK will have 9 bank holidays, meaning that many are planning long weekends and extended holidays without eating too much in to their holiday allowances. Bank holiday accommodation is always at a premium and many hotels and B&B’s enjoy bumper demand during these times and so are looking forward to a busy year in 2011.

Cities will see an influx of travellers looking to make the most of the long weekends and this often means that demand often outstrips supply during these busy periods. One of the ways to avoid this is through the use of Serviced Apartments in many of the UK’s major cities.

Canning Street Apartments in Edinburgh

Go Native has many apartments available throughout the UK and due to the stringent vetting of our apartments, this gives clients the unique opportunity to book through us and guarantee a top notch accommodation option wherever they are in the UK.

One of the most popular locations for a long weekend is Edinburgh, where Go Native has recently acquired some of the most prestigious apartments in the city for it’s clients. Canning Street Apartments offer a high-tech, fully equipped living option right in the centre of the city, only a short walk from the attractions of Edinburgh castle and Princes Street.

London is also one of the most impressive cities to visit in Europe and Go Native also has many serviced apartments throughout the city. They are perfect for people regardless of what they are visiting the capital for, from exploring the historical sites to watching a musical in the West End.

Call us now to arrange a serviced apartment be it in Edinburgh, London or any other city in the UK

Go Native’s Olympic Bid

Go Native’s Olympic Accommodation

We have hit the ground running in our preparations for London 2012

Go Native is delighted to announce that we have completed our first major Olympic Housing Program for an FTSE250 company. We will be housing 800 personnel working on the Olympic Delivery Program for this particular client between May and September of 2012. Personnel will be provided with olympic accommodation in two central London residential buildings, both within easy striking distance of the Games and providing personnel with ensuite bathrooms, broadband access, fully equipped kitchens and meetings and leisure space as part of the package.

As the pace of demand for accommodation during the Olympics begins to quickly gather pace, it will become increasingly challenging to secure accommodation, particularly for larger groups. We are now actively engaged with  a number of HR, Procurement, Travel and Mobility managers to help secure accommodation both to meet their business-as-usual and Olympic accommodation demand.

As one of the largest managers of serviced apartments in London and with a broad range of relationships with institutional and individual property owners, we are confident of being able to secure Olympic Accommodation to meet the needs of our clients. We are however encouraging our clients to speak to us as quickly as possible about their potential requirements during this exciting period.

We have tentatively secured a significant portfolio of additional apartments in London during the Olympic Games and are now inviting expressions  of serious interest for parties of 25 or greater for the period from early July 2012 through to the end of the Paralympic Games in September, 2012.

Expressions of serious interest should be addressed to Tony Burder, Account manager at Go Native. Tony is contactable on 0845 601 2028 or at tony.burder@gonative.com

Canning Street- Go Native’s newest apartments

Go Native opens new serviced apartments in Edinburgh

We are delighted to offer these fantastic new apartments in the heart of Edinburgh

Go Native are very excited to announce that we will be opening the Canning Street block of serviced apartments in the heart of Edinburgh, one of the UK’s fastest growing cities. These Serviced Apartments in Edinburgh are located right in the centre of the city and are likely to be very popular amongst both business and leisure travellers as the tourist attractions and business district in Edinburgh are both close by.

The apartments themselves are located on Canning Street in the Old Town, meaning that as well as being centrally placed and ideal for travelling around the city, they are also amongst some of Edinburgh’s most impressive architecture.

Prince’s street and Edinburgh Castle are both within a 10 minute walk of the apartments and the main exhibition centre and business hubs are also within easy walking distances. This makes the apartments highly sought after and are guaranteed to be popular with our customers.

The Canning Street apartments are also packed full of high-tech amenities such as multi room music systems and unique electronic sky lights which are innovatively used to maximise the amount of natural light that can filter into the rooms.

Go Native have acquired these flats after an extensive refurbishment programme meaning that the apartments are all up to the stringent standards that Go Native has always demanded of their properties.  This has included improvements of all amenities and utensils, which will make any stay in the apartments as convenient and luxurious as possible.

To find out more about the apartments please contact us.

Go Native’s first Youtube video

Go Native’s first Youtube Video

Go Native has a look at how our reservations team is getting on with their new years resolutions

Click here to watch the new Video

Go Native has finally ventured into the world of online video making and today see’s the premiere of our first ever Youtube video. Many thanks goes out to the reservations team who were kind enough to let the film crew document their new years resolutions and see how they are getting along with them.

The first video outlines the various vices that our team are hoping to overcome and how well or badly they are doing in tackling them.

Go Native hopes that the videos will let people get to know the real us rather than simply our now infamous senior team (who appear in this week’s OK! Magazine). These will hopefully give us the chance to show the world that we are more than just voices on the end of a phone and as well as booking fantastic serviced apartments we also like to have fun whilst we work.

We are hoping to include as many of these videos in our future correspondence as possible and we have several ideas about what we are going to put up and the slightly quirky things that happen around the office that we feel should be shared with the world.

So if you have any comments about what our video please let us know and watch this space for more videos in the future.

The popularity of Apartments in Edinburgh

Serviced Apartments in central Edinburgh

Edinburgh has become one of the most popular cities in the UK for people going on weekend breaks with it’s beautiful architecture and unique atmosphere making the Scottish capital a must see for people visiting Britain. Serviced Apartments in Central Edinburgh are a fantastic base from which to see the city.

One of the problems that several Edinburgh serviced apartment providers have found is that due to the UNESCO order in the central areas of the city, finding housing that can be either used for serviced apartments in its current form or redeveloped into serviced apartments can often be difficult.

Also after the slow down in the Scottish property market, there has been a growing trend in the past few years for people to rent rather than buy, meaning that demand for rented apartments in Edinburgh has increased and landlords have been less willing to sell flats leading to increased demand amongst serviced apartment providers.

So why are companies scrambling to find properties in Edinburgh?

It is not only a beautiful city for leisure travellers, but in recent years it has also become the UK’s second largest economy behind London, which has meant that business opportunities in the area have improved and as such Edinburgh has become even more popular with business travellers.

Go Native has several Serviced Apartments in Central Edinburgh, if any are of interest then contact us to see how we can help.

Go Native looks into the famous London Borough of Notting Hill

Serviced Apartments in Notting Hill

Go Native looks at the benefits of staying in Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of the most impressive areas of London, surrounded by areas such as Kensington and Chelsea yet within a 15 minute tube ride to Oxford street, the area has become one of London’s sought after boroughs. Serviced apartments in Notting Hill have also become increasingly popular with providers such as Go Native snapping up properties that become available in the area.

Wandering around in places like Ladrbroke Grove and Holland Park allow people to view the famous communal gardens, the centre of the local community and servicing the terraced townhouses which are found throughout Notting Hill. Serviced Apartments are a great base from which to explore the area and admire the fantastic architecture which can be found everywhere in the West London borough.

A classic example of Notting Hill Architecture

As well as the calm and tranquil atmosphere that the area emits, during the bank holiday weekend Notting Hill becomes the biggest celebration of its kind in Europe. This draws thousands of people from all over the world to experience the high tempo, original and fun packed atmosphere that the event creates. This is the perfect time to make the most of a Serviced Apartment in Notting Hill due to the volume of people who access the area during this period, making local transport links busy and difficult to use. Having a serviced apartment in the area means that the problems that often occur due to the volumes of people moving in and out of the area are nullified.

If a serviced apartment in Notting Hill may be of interest please contact a member of our reservations team to see how they can help.

West London’s finest apartments

Serviced Apartments in West London

Go Native looks at serviced apartments in West London

West London has some of the Capital’s most sought after postcodes and properties. It is famed for the glitz and glamour of it’s apartments, shops and restaurants. Serviced Apartments in West London are equally as impressive, many of which are found in plush regency houses and overlooking famous west London landmarks.

Some of the famous areas in West London include Chelsea, Kensington, Fulham and Putney. These are not only exclusive and sought after areas, but they also include some of the capitals prime attractions such as Harrods and Chelsea and Fulham football clubs. This means that people who use serviced apartments in west London not only stay amongst the rich and famous, but there are also interesting things to do in the area too.

Staying in West London can normally be very expensive, with hotels in the area traditionally charging more that equivalents elsewhere due to the exclusive nature of the locality. However, serviced apartments offer a cheaper but equally luxurious alternative because as the Go Native London Report shows, serviced apartments are on average £40 cheaper per night than the equivalent hotel. Serviced apartments in West London also allow flexibility and a complete self catered accommodation experience.

This gives people the option to either stay in or go out and experience the local scenery. West London has some of the most impressive architecture in London, with areas such as Notting Hill including several impressive gated gardens, which are a quiet haven in the heart of London.

Have a look at Go Native’s Serviced Apartments in West London and Contact our reservations team to see if we can help with any accommodation needs.