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London Tube Map

Go Native’s new feature helping people to find Serviced Apartments near tube stations

One of the reasons that London has managed to become such a hub for business and the reason that companies have managed to locate themselves throughout the capital is that it has some of the best transport connections in the world.

The main transport link is the iconic underground system which sees over 2.75million people transported throughout the capital every single day either for work or for pleasure. These trains that run below Londoners feet can be seen as a key reason for the success of the city as a whole and the reason that it has been able to sprawl for as far as it has.

This has meant that a labour force has been created in London which is mobile and not constrained to living near their place of work. The underground offers a great alternative to buses, taxis and cars which are both expensive and can easily be caught in traffic, causing delays to journeys. The tube does not have this problem and although problems do occur when trains break down or when there is signal failure, compared to roads these are relatively few and far between.

Here at Go Native, we realise the importance placed on transport links around London and have now included a brand new feature on the website which allows people to choose properties based purely on their local tube station.

The locality of a tube station is vitally important to stays in the capital, as being close the right line can often be as important to how close a tube is to the final destination. For instance being in Wimbledon could mean that a location is closer to the district line station (Wimbledon) or the Northern line station (South Wimbledon) for people working in West London the district line is more useful, whilst people working to the east would probably be better off closer to the Northern line station. With the new feature our guests will have the opportunity to choose their apartments based on these kind of locations, rather than having to research themselves.

Go Native is therefore hopeful that the new tube map format for searching for properties will help people to make informed decisions about the correct properties for them when they are looking to move in and around London.

See our new tube map here.

5 reasons to try Serviced Apartments

Top 5 bonuses of Serviced Apartments

Go Native looks at the top 5 reasons why 94% of our guests preferred serviced apartments to hotels

In a recent survey by Go Native amongst their guests, 94% commented that they preferred Serviced Apartments to hotels. Due to the larger numbers of Serviced Apartments in London they are popular amongst business travellers, wheras in areas outside the capital they are less well known and are more or less completely obsolete in the leisure travel market.

So Go Native has decided to compile the top 5 reasons why they believe a high percentage of their guests prefer Serviced Apartments to hotels.


Serviced Apartments are normally cheaper than the equivalent quality hotel, which means that when people are travelling on business the opportunity to make a travel budget stretch further is often appealing as it can mean a higher quality apartment for the same amount as a lower quality hotel, upgraded flights or a larger daily allowance for food and drink. This means a higher quality and more enjoyable trip all round.

This could equally be used for the leisure market as cheaper accommodation means more money for activities, meals and souveniers.

With more money to spare for food, people can go all out


One of the key elements of Serviced Apartments in London compared to the equivalent hotel is that they can be built in areas where a hotel would not normally be and in sizes that a hotel could not function in without considerable expense. For instance William IV is within a 30 second walk of Trafalgar square, offers an amazing roof terrace and unmatchable transport links, however due to the size of the building in which they are located, a hotel would struggle to make it affordable as they would be forced to charge over the odds for the same accommodation.

This means that areas which would normally be inaccessible for affordable accommodation are now available, meaning that guests can experience a luxury apartment, in a convenient location at a cheaper price.

Would doing this every night for months be fun?


Serviced Apartments offer a degree of flexibility that a hotel could never offer given the infrastructure of the business and the paternal model used for guests. For instance many hotels have a breakfast time where breakfast is provided which last for a few hours, paid for within the price of the room. This means that if for some reason a guest cannot make these times, breakfast is missed and therefore money is wasted. Due to Serviced Apartments having a more individual approach to guest’s stays, people have the opportunity to cook for themselves, meaning that they can have breakfast, lunch or dinner whenever they want. They also have the choice of cooking for themselves or sample local restaurants.

Freedom of choice

Serviced Apartments offer a wide range of choice for stays, not just in the hundreds of apartments and locations throughout the UK, but they also offer a freedom that hotels often cannot provide. For instance hotels that also offer a sitting room and kitchen are often reserved for the top end of the market, but are available from the most basic version of a Serviced Apartment. This means that if people are staying in a location for a long period, there are not the problems that often come with nothing to do in the evenings. Having a full entertainment system within the apartments means that guests are not left with the option of watching a small television in the corner of their room or going out into the town, but instead could live their lives as if they were in their own home.

This looks far more appealing

Going Native

Many of the apartments are in residential areas which mean that visits to a city are not limited to living amongst tourists and seeing people in the street. The chance to engage with the culture means that business deals can be better understood and the wants and needs of a population can also be easily ascertained. Hotels often separate people away from the native population as people do not tend to stay in a hotel in their own city, this detracts from one of the prime joys of living in a foreign city, ie living within a foreign culture. This can even be the case if it is just people from Manchester or Edinburgh coming to London, although the culture is more or less the same, to get a true sense of a city, living amongst it’s residents is vitally important.

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Bristol, the West Country business hub

Serviced Apartments in Bristol

As the numbers of businesses moving to the West Country city increases, Go Native looks at the accommodation needs for business travellers in the area.

Bristol is one of the UK’s most up and coming cities, with two top universities and a plethora of businesses in the area. It has also recently been named as one of the creative hubs of Britain meaning that it has shown the creative drive and is likely to be key in the development of many of Britain’s key industries in the future.

With great transport links and infrastructure, the West Country’s largest city has become a major businesses hub which is now seeing increasing numbers of business people travelling to the city for work. This means that more accommodation options are needed and accommodation suited to extended business stays, such as Serviced Apartments, are becoming increasingly popular.

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

Serviced Apartments in Bristol are becoming increasingly popular amongst the business community in the area and as such the demand for them is increasing. Go Native has been at the crest of this wave and offers several great quality Serviced Apartments in Bristol, each of which include a fully equipped kitchen and entertainment system. Allowing  longer business stays to cater for the affordability and flexibility that many business people need whilst working away from home.

Bristol Serviced Apartments are also great for people who are visiting the artistic city for leisure purposes, allowing people the time to explore Bristol and the surrounding area. One of the key areas of Bristol that people come to the city to explore is the street art in the city, which is where the now world famous Banksy began.

The city also offers some great museums and walks amongst the hills and countryside that surrounds themain urban centre.  The area’s two universities also give Bristol a certain youthful atmosphere and on summer days there can be found hundreds of young students in the many parks and open areas around the city-centre. In addition to this the numbers of degree educated young people who are staying in the area post graduation has seen several businesses move to Bristol in order to take advantage of this.

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Managing the Manchester Migration with Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments in Manchester

With the surge of businesses heading to the North East, Go Native looks at potential relocation  solutions

Manchester has become a hub of business away from London even seeing major companies establish important business hubs in the North-West in order to take advantage of the large numbers of people and business opportunities in the area. The BBC for instance is currently rehousing much of its activities to a new base in the regenerated Salford area of the city.

So with several companies having a consistent dialogue between London and Manchester, employees from both frequently find themselves travelling between cities on a regular basis and for extended periods.  This means that Serviced Apartments in Manchester are perfect for business people who either are staying in Manchester for extended periods or who want the flexibility and homeliness that they provide.

Salford Quays, a popular area for business to relocate to

Also Serviced Apartments can provide uses for the businesses themselves as Go Native offer a fully managed huosing programme, meaning that businesses can simply and easily provide housing for their employees or for people who have come over on projects.

Go Native has a great connection to Manchester as not only do we supply serviced apartments throughout the city, but we also have an office based in the city. This means that where other companies may be able to offer Serviced Apartments in Manchester, Go Native has the bonus of having local knowledge, meaning that the apartments chosen are of the highest quality and in the right areas.

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The Tube: Convenient and Iconic

Serviced Apartments Near a Tube Station

Underground Stations offer great transport links throughout the capital so a Serviced Apartment in close proximity is ideal.

Comedians have spent many years berating budget airlines about their tradition of flying to a city, but landing in an airport which is several hours drive to the actual destination. This is because when people book to go somewhere, they expect to be there, to be close by and within easy distances of what they want to do. This is why Serviced Apartments near tube stations are ideal in London as Go Native’s apartments are all within easy walking distance of London’s main transport network.

Having a Serviced Apartment near the tube means that transport around London is easy and makes trips to London both practical and enjoyable. The underground transports over 2.5 million people every single day and is one of the world’s most efficient transport networks so being near a tube station means that any location around London is within minutes.

Not only does the tube have a fantastic record of transporting people, but it is also cost effective as a daily travel card will allow the holder to have as many tube journeys in one day as they need and an Oyster card offers even cheaper travel if people are using it over a longer period.

Apartments such as William IV in central London offer great transport connections for the tube, with the circle and district, Northern, Picadilly, Jubilee, Bakerloo and Central line all within a 5 minute walk of the property. London Serviced Apartments offered by Go Native are ideal for people who are either travelling throughout London or who are looking to be within a short journey to a specific destination such as the city or central London.

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Olympic’s Bid for Business Travellers

The Olympic Legacy for Business Travellers

The Olympics has been billed as leaving a sporting and social legacy for London, but how will it effect businesses in the area?

One of the key aspects of that the Olympic games is hoping to bring to London after the 2012 event is the lasting legacy of improved infrastructure and transport within the capitals East End. This is likely to have huge ramifications not just socially but also financially for London, but how will this impact on business travellers in London?

One of the main infrastructure changes that will benefit London as a whole is the inclusion of improved transport links from the East into the centre of London. This will mean that people who have traditionally avoided the area due to a perceived lack of transport links will have the chance to use it for both business location and housing of labour forces.

The DLR has been the main means of transport in the East of London, transporting commuters to and from the East of London. This has caused problems as it often suffers from overcrowding, poor customer service and cancellations, however with a new infrastructure to be included in the Olympic park construction process these links are promised to be improved.

The East of London also offers London’s most important financial area, Canary Wharf. Having links to this area in general improved will mean that outlying areas away from simply the main Canary Wharf area will mean that more businesses will have the chance to benefit from the positive aspects of the thriving business centre. This could see more businesses move into the area to take advantage of the improved transport but without the premium office space prices that Canary Wharf demands.

The housing of workers closer to their places of work as the area undergoes further renovation and regeneration is also likely to see a more motivated and mobile workforce. This in turn could improve productivity in some of London’s more deprived areas and given the cheaper housing prices compared to other areas of London see an increase in the numbers of people available to work in the capital without being hindered with a long commute.

Olympic Games throughout history have required large numbers of additional accommodation options in the locality of the games. This is likely to be the case in London, which will also increase the numbers of units available for traditionally executive accommodation such as Serviced Apartments. With places such as the Olympic village seeing a large number of purpose built accommodation blocks being made redundant as soon as the games end, the likelihood is that accommodation providers will have the chance to take these over. This will offer companies the chance to house people on projects or who may be relocating close to Canary Wharf without the traditional premium costs associated with the area.

Serviced Apartments offer Cheap Easter Breaks

Cheap Easter Breaks

As the Easter Period sneaks up on the UK, we look at the various ways to save money on Easter Breaks.

Easter is traditionally a time for celebration and family, meaning that many people choose the period to take extended city breaks. This will be especially true this year as the Easter period will also incorporate several bank holidays due to the Royal Wedding. With prices set to sky rocket as people take advantage of the increased number of days off, what ways can people have a cheap Easter break?

Staying within the UK will not only cut down on the complexities that generally come with medium and long haul air travel, but also means that shorter travel times means more time spent away. A great city to visit during this period is Edinburgh and Go Native have recently opened the new Canning Street Serviced Apartments, which offer cheaper accommodation than the equivalent hotel and is also right in the centre of the city.

Daffodils in St James' park in Easter

Another way is to stay in self catered accommodation, which gives people the option of staying in and having flexible eating times rather than having to book a restaurant for a certain time, which could potentially cut short other activities. Serviced Apartments in cities throughout the UK offer both the self catered aspect with the duty of care that many people want on a stay in an unfamiliar city.

One of the many ways that people have sought to save money is by sourcing accommodation away from city centres as these tend to be cheaper. However, when factoring in the amount that many would have to pay in order to travel to and from points of interest (be it public transport or taxi) the offset of initial savings could be lost. Therefore alternative accommodation which does not skimp on luxuries and also offer more central locations need to be found. Go Native offers this marriage of affordability and central locations. For example William IV offers very competitive rates whilst also being only a 30 second walk from Trafalgar Square.

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Business Travel in the Future

The Future of Business Travel

As we 2011 begins to spark into life we look at what the future holds for business travel

2011 is looking like it could be an improvement on the previous few years in terms of economic growth and job opportunities. However, what will 2011 bring to business travellers? What are the likely rises and falls this year?

One of the main problems that many who travel the world for work will be the increasing price of fuel, meaning that flights are likely to become more expensive, straining budgets and forcing people to seek cheaper options or to downgrade and make trips more stressful than they already are. With the increase in transport costs the likelihood is that people will be forced to seeker cheaper accommodation options when away on business. One way of avoiding this is with Serviced Apartments which are cheaper than the equivalent hotel.

Another aspect of business travel that is likely to affect people whilst away on business is the increased security that airports are putting in to place, such as full body scanners and full body pat downs. These have already been controversially implemented in several US airports and the measures are likely to be implemented in European airports in the near future. Whether this is a positive or negative comes down to opinion, however they are likely to increase safety on flights regardless.

Both 2011 and 2012 are going to be years when tourism is rife around Europe as sporting event and state occasions will see large numbers of people travelling between countries and pushing up the demand for accommodation, which may well see temporary spikes in the prices. This will mean that business people who are working in London, the Ukraine or Poland may be forced to pay over the odds for accommodation during the Royal Wedding in London, Olympics in London and the European Championships in Ukraine and Poland. Go Native has a network of 100,000 serviced apartments worldwide, meaning that savings can be made throughout the world with the quality that Go Native customers have come to expect.

However, the biggest leap forward in 2011 is likely to be the Virgin Galactic release on to a mass market, which will see the fastest mode of public transport ever. Although this will only initially be used for the leisure market, in order to take people into space for a few minutes, the technology and demand that it will spawn is likely to see an increasing number of aircraft capable of these flights which could then see business travellers benefit from the technology.

Whatever happens in 2011, one thing that Go Native has predicted is the increase in numbers of Serviced Apartments, which should then push the industry forward. The London and Edinburgh housing intelligence reports released towards the end of 2010 both predict an increase in the numbers of serviced apartments around the UK.

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A great idea for a weekend break

Weekend break Accommodation

Serviced Apartments make a great weekend break accommodation option

The new year can often bring blues to people as the end of the holiday period comes to an end, holidays for the year have to rationed and the weather is generally grey and bleak. However, there is one way to counter all of this. With a weekend break in a serviced apartment. Go Native has Serviced Apartments in areas that would be ideal for weekend breaks such as Edinburgh, London and Bath, as well as many others.

One of the benefits of a weekend break is that they can be extended to a long weekend or can be ­arranged for a Friday and Saturday night. The advantages of both are that they are an excursion from every day life and do not eat into holiday allowances during the year that longer holidays inevitably do.

Relax in a serviced apartment

This year especially will be key for long weekends due to the abnormal numbers of bank holidays due to the Royal Wedding. This means that long weekends can be arranged over these times without having to take any time off work. One of the negatives about this situation however is that there is traditionally a spike in prices for accommodation over bank holidays and when people are likely to be staying away.

However, Serviced Apartments can quell this cost as they are consistently cheaper than the equivalent hotel. As well as this they are also very well thought of with 94% of guests we asked preferring to stay in a serviced apartment than a hotel.

They allow flexibility and affordability that means spontaneity is not a problem as there are no check ins or defined eating times.

Have a look at our brand new Canning Street Serviced Apartments for a prime example of accommodation in a prime long weekend spot. They are within a short walk of Edinburgh Castle and Princes Street, meaning that they are a great accommodation option when staying in the city.

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London’s Olympic Preparation Progress

London Olympic Preparation

With the Games only 18 months away and Go Native making progress in their accommodation options for the Olympics, we find out how the stadia and accommodation for the event is coming along

Go Native has had several weeks of high powered meetings, vital conference calls and numerous email conversations with companies looking to utilise our Serviced Apartments for the Olympic Games.

We have now housed our first major Olympic partner and this has kick started our preparations for the 2012 extravaganza. The big question that we at Go Native now need to ask is, how are the preparations for the Olympics coming along?

The main focal point of all modern Olympic games is the Olympic stadium, many of which have been converted to fantastic multi-use stadiums after the games have ended. The construction of the Olympic stadium in London is expected to be finished by 2011 and test events are hopefully looking to be commenced before 2012. The stadium itself is on track and the 2012th seat has been fitted, the roof is completed and the floodlights have been switched on and are currently being tested.

As well as the Olympic stadium, the velodrome is one of the key venues for the Brits, as this is the arena where the plethora of famous cyclists who won in China will be performing once again and hoping to win gold on home soil. Here the roof has been completed and the roof has been set into place, meaning that the building can be fitted internally, ready for the games.

The Skyline is filled with cranes as Olympic Preparations continue unabated

Elsewhere the aquatics centre where the world’s top swimmers will be taking to the water has been roofed, pools dug and they are currently in the process of testing before the games begin. This is great progress on an arena where Britain has high hopes of medals in many of the swimming competitions.

Elsewhere outside London, the Lee Valley White Water Centre has been completed for the kayaking events. Although outside London, this is an exciting development because it is the first brand new building constructed solely for the Olympics to be completed.

In terms of accommodation more than three quarters of the blocks have been structurally completed and so work can concentrate on the completion of internal features.

For updates on the state of the Olympic preparations click here.

Go Native is currently in the process of taking bookings for large groups over the 2012 Olympic period, Contact Us to find out more.