Serviced Apartments offer Cheap Easter Breaks

Cheap Easter Breaks

As the Easter Period sneaks up on the UK, we look at the various ways to save money on Easter Breaks.

Easter is traditionally a time for celebration and family, meaning that many people choose the period to take extended city breaks. This will be especially true this year as the Easter period will also incorporate several bank holidays due to the Royal Wedding. With prices set to sky rocket as people take advantage of the increased number of days off, what ways can people have a cheap Easter break?

Staying within the UK will not only cut down on the complexities that generally come with medium and long haul air travel, but also means that shorter travel times means more time spent away. A great city to visit during this period is Edinburgh and Go Native have recently opened the new Canning Street Serviced Apartments, which offer cheaper accommodation than the equivalent hotel and is also right in the centre of the city.

Daffodils in St James' park in Easter

Another way is to stay in self catered accommodation, which gives people the option of staying in and having flexible eating times rather than having to book a restaurant for a certain time, which could potentially cut short other activities. Serviced Apartments in cities throughout the UK offer both the self catered aspect with the duty of care that many people want on a stay in an unfamiliar city.

One of the many ways that people have sought to save money is by sourcing accommodation away from city centres as these tend to be cheaper. However, when factoring in the amount that many would have to pay in order to travel to and from points of interest (be it public transport or taxi) the offset of initial savings could be lost. Therefore alternative accommodation which does not skimp on luxuries and also offer more central locations need to be found. Go Native offers this marriage of affordability and central locations. For example William IV offers very competitive rates whilst also being only a 30 second walk from Trafalgar Square.

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