The importance of sports tourism

How Sports tourism in the UK is gaining importance

With the Olympic Games less than two years away, what accommodation options will visitors have?

The past weekend’s headlines have been dominated by the Ryder Cup, being held at Celtic Manor in Wales. Despite the dour weather, the course and the surrounding area is thought to have had 45,000 visitors watching the event on each day. Due to the international interest of the event this has seen the area see a huge influx of visitors looking for accommodation in the surrounding areas.
With so many large sporting events happening around the UK in the next few years, it is important to be able to supply plentiful and cost effective accommodation for visitors. Probably the most prevalent in the near future will be the 2012 Olympics being held in London. This event alone is estimated to bring in 320,000 visitors from overseas, with the majority needing accommodation in or around the capital.
The cost of hotels is expected to rise during this time and as such is expected to, at least in the short term, cut the number of tourists who are not there to watch the games, who would normally be staying in the London area. Therefore are serviced apartments a viable option when looking for effective, cost-effective accommodation around the capital?
Due to the length of the Olympics and the variety of events taking place, it is possible that the people staying in the area will stay for longer than the average tourist. This would make serviced apartments a viable option, they are cheaper than normal hotels and offer a degree of flexibility due to their autonomous nature that many hotels, hostels and bed and breakfast’s cannot provide.
Both Sydney and Athens saw a short-term hike in Hotel prices which saw a dip in the non-sports tourists visiting , but in the long term saw an increase in people coming back to the cities. London is hoping to make a bumper dividend of £2.1 billion due to the Olympics, but the profits from the Olympics are hoped to become more widespread across the UK, with many of the UK’s top attractions hoping to cash in on the influx of visitors. These include Stonehenge, which has recently unveiled plans to build a new visitors centre and the world heritage site to deal with the expected increase in visitor numbers. Due to the freedom lent through serviced apartments, travelling to and from these more outlying areas becomes easier than having to arrange early breakfasts, late check-ins or risking missing a curfew.
Go Native are beginning to secure a supply of accommodation for our clients during the Olympic Games in London in 2012. We expect both during the Games and in the 3-4 month period leading up to them to be a period of exceptionally high demand. So why not have a look at the options that Go Native could give in terms of flexible and cost-effective accommodation?

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