Royal Wedding Accommodation Prices Set

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Royal Wedding Accommodation Prices

Go Native shows why it will be one of the cheapest accommodation providers during the Royal Wedding

The big day is quickly approaching and one of the main points that many people have been discussing is the Royal Wedding Accommodation prices. This is because during this time there is expected to be a hike in prices throughout London as millions of people descend on the capital to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Mall, which will be transformed for the Royal Wedding

Due to the short term stay options such as hotels and B&B’s gaining business predominantly from short term stays, the prices can be raised significantly for a week or a weekend. However, Serviced Apartments will not have the opportunity to significantly raise their royal wedding accommodation prices as their client base is traditionally for longer term stays where people would not be willing to pay extra for a week when they are staying in an apartment for six months.

This does not mean that people will not have the opportunity to use the apartments on a short term basis however as Go Native can offer accommodation from a single night through to several years. This means that the long term client base that we have pushes savings onto the short term guests that we can also accommodate.

Aside from the obvious financial benefits of staying in a Serviced Apartments, some of the Central London locations of the apartments are brilliant for enjoying the national celebrations. William IV for instance offers unparalleled access to the main procession area on the Mall, with the entrance to it being within a 4 minute walk. Add to this the roof terrace giving views over much of the area and the apartments are some of the best accommodation options anywhere in London for the Royal Wedding.

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Want a home away from home? Try a Long Stay Apartment

Long Stay Apartments in London

Go Native looks at the advantages of using a long stay apartment in London

Hotels are good for certain things such as being numerous, the number of rooms meaning that last minute accommodation is always possible and having restaurants and bars. However, one thing that they lack is the homely feel of ‘coming home from work’ for people who are working away from home for an extended period of time. Long Stay Apartments in London offer this option as due to their self catered and fully furnished nature, they can be made into a home away from home, rather than simply a stay in a room.

Why be stressed in a hotel?

Serviced Apartments are an example of this in London, such as Merchant Square, which offers both the homely feel of an apartment combined with the modern luxury afforded by the high-spec apartments.

Long Stay Apartments in London have become increasingly popular with business travellers who use the apartments as a base when working in a different city or different country. Go Native chooses apartments based on more than just profit margins, we have a track record of choosing the top apartments in the top area. Having offices in London, Manchester and Edinburgh means that we have local knowledge of some of the most popular areas of the UK, meaning that we offer some of the best accommodation, in some of the best locations with some of the best prices.

When you could be carefree in an apartment?

This could be the reason that 94% of our customers said that they preferred a Serviced Apartment to a hotel in a recent survey. Our track record is proven from some of our many clients who have consistently used Go Native for years and who often stipulate to partners that they must use these apartments.

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Covent Garden, a central location with a huge character

Covent Garden Serviced Apartments

Go Native looks at the benefits of Serviced Apartments in the former market.

People cannot fully explore London by simply commuting from locations outside the city centre and wandering around the city. In order to establish a true understanding of the way that the city works a guest in London must live, breathe and sleep in the centre of the city, and what better way to do this than in a Covent Garden Serviced Apartment.

Covent Garden offers not just the high end restaurants and shops that it has become synonymous with, but with its location so close to the Strand, trips around London allow swift transit around the capital.  This ease of transport comes from the areas original use as a retail market supplying goods to shops throughout London. Now however the most common sight whilst wandering around the area is the street performers and crowds standing in awe of what is taking place in front of their eyes.

Modern Covent Garden, far flung from the original market that stood here

The area is also brilliant for business trips as it is not only a short ride from the investment banking centre of Regent Street and St James’ Square but it is also easily accessible from the City with Bank being only 4 stops away on the tube. Covent Garden Serviced Apartments are therefore ideal for business people who are working throughout London during their stay rather than just in one specific area.

William IV is ideally suited for Covent Garden and is a prime example of the calibre of Serviced Apartment that the area offers. For instance the roof terrace allows people to peer down onto the bustling street below and the wonderful London skyline beyond. The apartments are also located in a beautiful regency building, so not only can people explore London, but they will also be living in the London style.

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5 reasons to try Serviced Apartments

Top 5 bonuses of Serviced Apartments

Go Native looks at the top 5 reasons why 94% of our guests preferred serviced apartments to hotels

In a recent survey by Go Native amongst their guests, 94% commented that they preferred Serviced Apartments to hotels. Due to the larger numbers of Serviced Apartments in London they are popular amongst business travellers, wheras in areas outside the capital they are less well known and are more or less completely obsolete in the leisure travel market.

So Go Native has decided to compile the top 5 reasons why they believe a high percentage of their guests prefer Serviced Apartments to hotels.


Serviced Apartments are normally cheaper than the equivalent quality hotel, which means that when people are travelling on business the opportunity to make a travel budget stretch further is often appealing as it can mean a higher quality apartment for the same amount as a lower quality hotel, upgraded flights or a larger daily allowance for food and drink. This means a higher quality and more enjoyable trip all round.

This could equally be used for the leisure market as cheaper accommodation means more money for activities, meals and souveniers.

With more money to spare for food, people can go all out


One of the key elements of Serviced Apartments in London compared to the equivalent hotel is that they can be built in areas where a hotel would not normally be and in sizes that a hotel could not function in without considerable expense. For instance William IV is within a 30 second walk of Trafalgar square, offers an amazing roof terrace and unmatchable transport links, however due to the size of the building in which they are located, a hotel would struggle to make it affordable as they would be forced to charge over the odds for the same accommodation.

This means that areas which would normally be inaccessible for affordable accommodation are now available, meaning that guests can experience a luxury apartment, in a convenient location at a cheaper price.

Would doing this every night for months be fun?


Serviced Apartments offer a degree of flexibility that a hotel could never offer given the infrastructure of the business and the paternal model used for guests. For instance many hotels have a breakfast time where breakfast is provided which last for a few hours, paid for within the price of the room. This means that if for some reason a guest cannot make these times, breakfast is missed and therefore money is wasted. Due to Serviced Apartments having a more individual approach to guest’s stays, people have the opportunity to cook for themselves, meaning that they can have breakfast, lunch or dinner whenever they want. They also have the choice of cooking for themselves or sample local restaurants.

Freedom of choice

Serviced Apartments offer a wide range of choice for stays, not just in the hundreds of apartments and locations throughout the UK, but they also offer a freedom that hotels often cannot provide. For instance hotels that also offer a sitting room and kitchen are often reserved for the top end of the market, but are available from the most basic version of a Serviced Apartment. This means that if people are staying in a location for a long period, there are not the problems that often come with nothing to do in the evenings. Having a full entertainment system within the apartments means that guests are not left with the option of watching a small television in the corner of their room or going out into the town, but instead could live their lives as if they were in their own home.

This looks far more appealing

Going Native

Many of the apartments are in residential areas which mean that visits to a city are not limited to living amongst tourists and seeing people in the street. The chance to engage with the culture means that business deals can be better understood and the wants and needs of a population can also be easily ascertained. Hotels often separate people away from the native population as people do not tend to stay in a hotel in their own city, this detracts from one of the prime joys of living in a foreign city, ie living within a foreign culture. This can even be the case if it is just people from Manchester or Edinburgh coming to London, although the culture is more or less the same, to get a true sense of a city, living amongst it’s residents is vitally important.

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Bristol, the West Country business hub

Serviced Apartments in Bristol

As the numbers of businesses moving to the West Country city increases, Go Native looks at the accommodation needs for business travellers in the area.

Bristol is one of the UK’s most up and coming cities, with two top universities and a plethora of businesses in the area. It has also recently been named as one of the creative hubs of Britain meaning that it has shown the creative drive and is likely to be key in the development of many of Britain’s key industries in the future.

With great transport links and infrastructure, the West Country’s largest city has become a major businesses hub which is now seeing increasing numbers of business people travelling to the city for work. This means that more accommodation options are needed and accommodation suited to extended business stays, such as Serviced Apartments, are becoming increasingly popular.

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

Serviced Apartments in Bristol are becoming increasingly popular amongst the business community in the area and as such the demand for them is increasing. Go Native has been at the crest of this wave and offers several great quality Serviced Apartments in Bristol, each of which include a fully equipped kitchen and entertainment system. Allowing  longer business stays to cater for the affordability and flexibility that many business people need whilst working away from home.

Bristol Serviced Apartments are also great for people who are visiting the artistic city for leisure purposes, allowing people the time to explore Bristol and the surrounding area. One of the key areas of Bristol that people come to the city to explore is the street art in the city, which is where the now world famous Banksy began.

The city also offers some great museums and walks amongst the hills and countryside that surrounds themain urban centre.  The area’s two universities also give Bristol a certain youthful atmosphere and on summer days there can be found hundreds of young students in the many parks and open areas around the city-centre. In addition to this the numbers of degree educated young people who are staying in the area post graduation has seen several businesses move to Bristol in order to take advantage of this.

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Managing the Manchester Migration with Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments in Manchester

With the surge of businesses heading to the North East, Go Native looks at potential relocation  solutions

Manchester has become a hub of business away from London even seeing major companies establish important business hubs in the North-West in order to take advantage of the large numbers of people and business opportunities in the area. The BBC for instance is currently rehousing much of its activities to a new base in the regenerated Salford area of the city.

So with several companies having a consistent dialogue between London and Manchester, employees from both frequently find themselves travelling between cities on a regular basis and for extended periods.  This means that Serviced Apartments in Manchester are perfect for business people who either are staying in Manchester for extended periods or who want the flexibility and homeliness that they provide.

Salford Quays, a popular area for business to relocate to

Also Serviced Apartments can provide uses for the businesses themselves as Go Native offer a fully managed huosing programme, meaning that businesses can simply and easily provide housing for their employees or for people who have come over on projects.

Go Native has a great connection to Manchester as not only do we supply serviced apartments throughout the city, but we also have an office based in the city. This means that where other companies may be able to offer Serviced Apartments in Manchester, Go Native has the bonus of having local knowledge, meaning that the apartments chosen are of the highest quality and in the right areas.

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The Tube: Convenient and Iconic

Serviced Apartments Near a Tube Station

Underground Stations offer great transport links throughout the capital so a Serviced Apartment in close proximity is ideal.

Comedians have spent many years berating budget airlines about their tradition of flying to a city, but landing in an airport which is several hours drive to the actual destination. This is because when people book to go somewhere, they expect to be there, to be close by and within easy distances of what they want to do. This is why Serviced Apartments near tube stations are ideal in London as Go Native’s apartments are all within easy walking distance of London’s main transport network.

Having a Serviced Apartment near the tube means that transport around London is easy and makes trips to London both practical and enjoyable. The underground transports over 2.5 million people every single day and is one of the world’s most efficient transport networks so being near a tube station means that any location around London is within minutes.

Not only does the tube have a fantastic record of transporting people, but it is also cost effective as a daily travel card will allow the holder to have as many tube journeys in one day as they need and an Oyster card offers even cheaper travel if people are using it over a longer period.

Apartments such as William IV in central London offer great transport connections for the tube, with the circle and district, Northern, Picadilly, Jubilee, Bakerloo and Central line all within a 5 minute walk of the property. London Serviced Apartments offered by Go Native are ideal for people who are either travelling throughout London or who are looking to be within a short journey to a specific destination such as the city or central London.

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Heading to London to see a play? Try a serviced apartment in the West End

Serviced Apartments in the West End

Go Native has several apartments in the West End of London

London is full of famous areas and buildings, which is one of the reasons that it has become one of the world’s top tourist destinations in the past few years. The area that almost every visitor to the capital tends to spend time is the West End. Accommodation here is at a premium and it contains some of the capitals most expensive hotels and other accommodation options. There are exclusive hotels such as the Ritz which is on the border of Green Park and within walk distance of places such as Oxford Street, Regent Street and Trafalgar Square.

Other hotels in the area are also considerably more expensive than other areas around London, so is it possible to stay in the West End, experiencing the multitude of cinemas, theatres, bars and restaurants without being forced to pay exuberant prices?

Serviced Apartments in the West End offer an alternative to the more expensive hotels for accommodation in addition to providing fully equipped kitchens which allow guests to also cook their own meals, thereby saving more money on food and drink whilst staying in the area.

Go Native serviced apartments also offer entertainment systems including televisions and freeview, meaning that people do not feel the compulsion to go out and spend money whilst staying in the capital. This can further save money.

The West End is also a fairly unpredictable place, with events often being found under the radar or secret bars and restaurants being found simply whilst exploring. Serviced apartments allow the flexibility needed to fully experience these often spontaneous happenings. As they are like a “home away from home” people can come and go as they please, with no reception, no signing in and out of keys and no curfews.

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Central London’s accommodation problems solved

Serviced Apartments in Central London

Serviced Apartments can solve the accommodation problems in central London

One of the most popular areas to stay, anywhere in the world is in central London, be it people staying for long weekends, week long holidays or on a more permanent basis whilst working. This has meant that property in the area is not just expensive, but is also increasingly difficult to acquire for hospitality and accommodation needs. The stock of serviced apartments in central London, however, has never been higher, and with more and more building work taking place in the area, increasing numbers of serviced apartments are becoming available all the time.

One of the draws of the area is that it gives fantastic opportunity to travel throughout London quickly as it contains many of the most important transport hubs in the capital which allow swift transport to anywhere in London. This means that business travellers can hold meetings anywhere in London and leisure travellers can quickly get to the many attractions in more outlying areas.

Some of the UK’s most important and famous buildings can be found in central London and this makes the area incredibly popular for people looking for holiday photos and something to show the family when they get home. Some of the buildings include the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament and Nelsons Column.

Serviced apartments offer the way forward in providing accommodation in the area compared to other accommodation types such as hotels and hostels. This is because in order to build a new hotel, for instance, there must be a large amount of space, a restaurant, bar etc. This is not the case in serviced apartments as they can be built individually, and so can be pu into buildings which would not have the vast space required to build a hotel.

They also offer a freedom of choice in terms of eating and entertainment that means that central London accommodation is not too expensive for people to use. Having a fully equipped kitchen and living room means that people can spend the day going to the many sites of interest around London and chill out watching a DVD in the evening, whilst eating cheaper food which they themselves have prepared.

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With so many bank holidays in 2011, why not try a long weekend in a serviced apartment?

Bank Holidays 2011

This year millions of people will be cheering the news of 9 bank holidays, why not make the most of them in a serviced apartment?

2011 see’s the UK work force celebrating a bumper year for holidays. Due to the royal wedding the UK will have 9 bank holidays, meaning that many are planning long weekends and extended holidays without eating too much in to their holiday allowances. Bank holiday accommodation is always at a premium and many hotels and B&B’s enjoy bumper demand during these times and so are looking forward to a busy year in 2011.

Cities will see an influx of travellers looking to make the most of the long weekends and this often means that demand often outstrips supply during these busy periods. One of the ways to avoid this is through the use of Serviced Apartments in many of the UK’s major cities.

Canning Street Apartments in Edinburgh

Go Native has many apartments available throughout the UK and due to the stringent vetting of our apartments, this gives clients the unique opportunity to book through us and guarantee a top notch accommodation option wherever they are in the UK.

One of the most popular locations for a long weekend is Edinburgh, where Go Native has recently acquired some of the most prestigious apartments in the city for it’s clients. Canning Street Apartments offer a high-tech, fully equipped living option right in the centre of the city, only a short walk from the attractions of Edinburgh castle and Princes Street.

London is also one of the most impressive cities to visit in Europe and Go Native also has many serviced apartments throughout the city. They are perfect for people regardless of what they are visiting the capital for, from exploring the historical sites to watching a musical in the West End.

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