Go Native Shortlisted for Award

Go Native has been shortlisted for this years Re:locate Awards in the category -
Best Property Provider or Solution

The other shortlisted companies include:

  • BridgeStreet
  • SACO
  • SilverDoor

We are delighted to have been shortlisted and look forward to the awards evening on May 12th 2011.   For more details click here.

Accommodation London

Accommodation in London for The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is fast approaching.  This monumental occasion takes place on Friday 29th April 2011.   With one and a half million wedding watchers expected to converge on central London on April 29 you  may struggle to find suitable accommodation.

Go Native has a great range of Serviced Apartments across London.  To view the apartments click here.

London Marathon Accommodation

London Marathon Accommodation

This years London Marathon takes place on Sunday 17th April with the mass race starting at 9:45 am from Blackheath and Greenwich Park.

For full details of the Marathon visit http://www.virginlondonmarathon.com/

This spectacular event see’s thousands of visitors come to London to both take part and support.  Finding a hotel can be a problem so why not try a Serviced Apartment?   Go Native has a great range of afforable accommodation across London – click here to see the options.

History of the London Marathon

It all started in the pub, according to John Disley and the late Chris Brasher, co-founders of the London Marathon…

The Dysart Arms next to Richmond Park is the home of the Raneleigh Harriers running club, and on Wednesday nights runners drift in and talk over pints of bitter. One night, the talk was of the New York Marathon – a marathon with a buzzing atmosphere and spectators who don’t let you give up.  To read the full article click here.

Accommodation for Grand Designs Live

Grand Designs Live

Grand Designs Live returns to Excel London for the seventh year from 30th April to 8th May 2011. The event will be packed full of ideas and inspiration for the home with areas dedicated to interiors, kitchens, bathrooms, build, technology & gardens as well as the GRAND Village. If you’re looking for unique products for your home this is the event for you.  There will be over 500 exhibitors, free expert advice, workshops and seminars and much more.

Grand Designs Live Details

Show dates: 30th April – 8th May 2011
Show venue:
One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock
E16 1XL

Grand Designs Ticket Prices:

£15/ £18 weekday/weekend on the door

£11/£14 weekday/weekend advanced ticket

Accommodation for Grand Designs Live

For exhibitors that need accommodation during the period the event is being held, Go Native has a great range of Serviced Apartments in Canary Wharf which are not only a cost-effective alternative to hotels but are perfect for exhibitors as they offer more space, cooking facilities and an area to work.

Our range of Serviced Apartments are located in one of the Docklands most prestigious postcodes and within a 5 minute walk of Canary Wharf where guests can enjoy a variety of restaurants, shops, bars and cafes.   South Quay DLR is also only a few minutes walk away.  Getting to Excel London for the event will take less than 10 minutes.

To speak to one of our advisors about your accommodation needs please call us on 0845 601 2028.

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race Accommodation

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

The famous Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race is taking place on Saturday 26th March 2011 at 17:00.

The race starts on the West side of Putney Bridge and the best views are from the bridge itself, Putney Embankment, or the tow path in front of Bishops Park on the Fulham side of the river.

For anyone who is planning to visit London for the weekend and enjoy the boat race Go Native has a great range of Serviced Apartments perfectly located to the start line.  Click here to view our Serviced Apartments in Fulham.

Origins of the Race

The idea for a rowing race between the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge came from two friends – Charles Merivale, a student at Cambridge, and his Harrow school friend Charles Wordsworth (nephew of the poet William Wordsworth), who was at Oxford.

On 12 March 1829, Cambridge sent a challenge to Oxford and thus the tradition was born which has continued to the present day, where the loser of the previous year’s race challenges the opposition to a re-match.

The Modern Boat Race still runs along the same lines but has now become a major international sporting occasion drawing millions of viewers from around the world.

Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

Click on the image to watch the BBC’s coverage of last years event.

London Apartments Available to Book Now

Heathrow Airport News

For anyone stranded at Heathrow Airport,  Corporate Housing and Serviced Apartment provider Go Native, has hundreds of comfortable award winning apartments available to book now in Central London – thats just 40 minutes from Heathrow airport.

So, if you need somewhere to stay and can’t get booked into a hotel try a Go Native Apartment in London from £150 per night.

BOOK NOW ON 0845 601 2028 or email us at enquiries@gonative.com


Since, the snow started to hit Heathrow airport on Saturday thousands of flights have been cancelled and the chaos continues today with tens of thousands of holidaymakers stranded.

Airport officials are warning that it could take until next week before the backlog of cancelled flights are cleared and a normal service is resumed. One of the two runways is still closed.

Passengers have been advised not to travel to the airport unless their flight is confirmed.

Which way will business travel go?

Is business travel going to boom or bust?

Given conflicting reports of what the global business travel market will do in the coming years, Go Native has a look at what could happen

The business travel market is one of the most complicated and unpredictable in the world. Future predictions can vary from one week to the next and then actually turn out to be totally different to what anything in the past has predicted.

This is why many at Go Native are confused by conflicting reports about signs of recovery but also reports saying that there will be less business travel in the next 12 months. Which is true though?

Both seem to show weighty evidence for their findings, the increase in airline profits is a clear and tangible indicator that the industry is improving (at least for the time being). Whilst a Deloitte survey suggests that travellers themselves believe that they will make fewer trips.

One of the main issues that commentators have noted is that with innovations in technology, in the next 10 years the industry is expected to shrink by 30%, however how quickly will this begin given the strong Q3 results of airlines globally?

A report delivered by Deloitte asked 4,000 business travellers if they expected to travel less in 2011, and just over half said that they were predicting a decline in the time they spend travelling for business.

One of the reasons that many have given is that the recently announced public funding cuts in the UK will decrease the numbers of international business travellers doing business in Britain and will also see fewer people from British companies doing business abroad. As London is one of the global hubs for finance this could see a knock-on effect across Europe.

In addition to this a growing awareness of environmental issues as the concepts of CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility) become more important in the consciousness of company directors means that where there is a choice between travelling and conducting a meeting via conferencing technology, conferencing technology is more likely to prevail.

But what does this mean for the Serviced Apartment industry and accommodation industry in general? There has been a slight increase in the percentage of business travellers using hotels around the world, which may show a willingness to stay in a location and conduct multiple business commitments whilst there. Which if it continues is a positive outlook for accommodation providers.

Perhaps then there could be a viable alternative to both. Although conferencing technology has come a long way and will undoubtedly improve in the future, it will still not have the same weight and personal touch as meeting a client or partner in person. Perhaps then to fulfil sound business practices and also CSR issues, staying in an area for longer periods of time and conducting multiple meetings is a viable alternative.

If this was the case then although the numbers of business trips (ie time spent travelling from one area to another) may fall, the actual amount of business that was conducted would stay at around the same level.

The perfect accommodation option for this would be Serviced Apartments as they offer long term or short term housing solutions, whilst also giving flexibility. If Go Native could help with any accommodation solutions during a business trip, please Contact Us to see if we can help.

Go Native Wins Corporate Housing Provider of the Year 2010

Corporate Housing Provider 2010

Go Native is delighted to announce that we have won the Corporate Housing Provider of the Year 2010 Award at the EMMAs (Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards).

With over 240 nominations in 15 different categories from Global Mobility professionals around the world, an independent panel of judges created a shortlist and then established the 15 winners for each category.

The Go Native office had an electric atmosphere yesterday morning after news broke that we won our category. Our CEO and COO arrived yesterday morning holding our shiny award and certificate. The entire team is ecstatic at the result which was earned through a mixture of hard work, dedication to succeed and fantastic customer service.

Go Native received the accolade at the EMMAs Awards ceremony on Monday 15th November following the Global Mobility Summit.  Both events were held at the Marriott Hotel in London’s Grosvenor square.

We are delighted to have won this award, especially as it was in one of the most hotly contested categories with competition from companies such as Frasers Hospitality (runners up), Bridgestreet Worldwide (highly commended) and SilverDoor, The Apartment Service and HCR.

Go Native Founder and CEO, Guy Nixon made the following comment:

“All of us at Go Native are immensely proud of our long standing corporate relationships and our reputation in the industry for integrity, innovation and thought leadership. Everything we do from our housing market intelligence reports, to the unique solutions we offer to our clients reflects this focus. It’s always a great pleasure to have those efforts recognised.”

Go Native would also like to thank its clients and partners for their support.

Well done to everybody on the Go Native team!

Easy Jet’s new flexible fare

Will the new Flexible Fair work?

Go Native evaluates whether Easyjet’s new flexible fare will be a short term fad or long term solution for business travellers

Easy Jet released the news earlier that there will be a new ‘flexible fare’ introduced, aimed at the business travel market. Many have said that this is a step in the right direction and will make the airline more popular amongst business travellers as it will make it more attractive to many who have shunned the service in the past.

However, how much will this change the patterns that business travellers have already set?

Undoubtedly having cheaper and more flexible fares for business travellers is not only good for price, but is also good for CSR issues as it becomes a great way to keep down expenses which have become a snagging point with the media in recent years. In addition to this use of cheaper accommodation in expensive cities such as Serviced Apartments in London, has added to the atmosphere of saving amongst many global corporations. This could therefore, at least in the short term see the business community flocking to Easyjet.

The question is whether or not this will be a long lasting effect or a short term trend.

One of the main issues that people tend to have with budget airlines is that they are bare bone travel options, they do not offer the luxury or convenience that many of the traditional and higher priced carriers provide.

Perhaps then this is the issue that many business travellers tend to struggle with as after a long day of meetings or after an arduous week spent in a foreign city on business, having to use a carrier which is more stressful and less luxurious than it could be does not seem like a pleasant thought.

So although in the short term this could be a great idea and one that is bound to attract the people booking the planes for business travellers, in the long run there is a chance that this will see business travellers move back to the airlines with a longer history and more thorough knowledge of what business travellers want.

Is Duty Free still a cheaper option?

With cheap online shopping is duty free cheap enough?

Go Native compares duty free prices to many popular websites

A long standing belief amongst the public is that a benefit of using air travel is having the use of duty free shopping. This means that there is not the import duty put onto items that can be bought on the plane or in the duty free shops around airports.

However, what certain members of the Go Native team has noticed, is that despite the lack of import taxes, many of these items seem the same price or in some cases more expensive than many highstreet retailers. When going online many of the prices have been significantly less than the same products available in duty free shops.

Although it is to be noted that many of the duty free products are cheaper than many retailers, with a minute of searching it is possible to make savings on duty free products online, so has the duty free shopping finally become an unnecessary and expensive alternative to traditional shopping?

Perhaps, however it will always be possible to find cheaper alternatives to anything. For instance Bottled Night by Hugo Boss is £36.00 in the duty free shops, but can be found for £31.45 online, this makes a saving of 13%. Further the Fendi 5063R Havana sunglasses are £191.45 in duty free shops but can be found for £160.00 online, a saving of 16.5%. These do take time to find though, and it could be argued that one of the main markets for duty free is in the disposing of foreign money before going home.

However, in this age of cost cutting, saving and no-frills travel, would spending an extra £30 on a pair of sunglasses really worth saving a trip to the post office to save time on changing money back?

Even traditional duty free items that have had extra duty put on them can be found cheaper online than in duty free stores. This year’s whisky of the year is Ballantines 17 year old malt whisky, £40.99 in duty free and £39.95 online.

The question that should be asked is, when walking into a new Serviced Apartment with arms full of duty free items, is it worth it when there are more savings to be had online?